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How to Save on High Speed Cable Modem Rental Fee from Comcast

  1. You will need to purchase a high speed modem. There are many options available but make sure that the one you choose is compatible with your required speed and provider’s network. I chose Motorola SB6121 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0. Make sure you also have the following information available:
    1. Your Comcast account number and account phone number (write these down since you cannot access them if you are on online billing and your Internet goes down)
    2. Other account information such as the last bill date and amount and other personal information
    3. New modem’s serial and MAC ID
  2. You will need to contact your service provider to update your billing and modem information. I used the Internet technical support online chat option with Comcast and I am guessing it would be similar on the phone. Here are the detailed steps of the chat:
    1. I was asked to provide 3 pieces of personal information.
    2. The person asked for the modem information and had a problem with changing my modem. So I was transferred to the billing department. The transfers are smooth and one person leaves the online chat room and another person comes in.
    3. The other person asked for 3 pieces of information as well and updated my modem from renting to own.
    4. I was transferred back to Internet technical support and my modem information was updated.
    5. I was told that they were having a problem with the provisioning department and I had to wait a few minutes. Eventually, my connection went down. I figured that the old modem was removed from the system.
    6. I connected the new modem and tried to access the network. Here was my problem:
      1. New modem kept receiving RESET packets as soon as it would connect to the Internet. I tried to unplug/plug it multiple times but didn’t work.
      2. After around 30 minutes, I connected the old modem in parallel to my new modem and attached it to my PC to connect to the web.
      3. I was transferred to an activate modem page from Comcast (after opening the browser). I had to verify my account number and phone number and then I was taken to the next page.
      4. I started a technical support chat from the new page and asked the person to select the Motorola as my main modem. The Motorolla modem got a RESET packet and when it came back on it was connected to the Internet with no problems.
    7. I just unplugged the old modem and sent it back to Comcast.
    8. Note that you cannot have two modems connected to the system.
  3. I was renting a Ubee DOCSIS 3.0 modem. By upgrading to Motorola, my ping rate dropped by 30% (10 to 7 ms) and Internet upload/download speed went up by around 10-15%.